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October 30, 2006



Having that type of a setup now, to help out others in our corporate network, is a huge advantage to be able to demonstrate things for the users or diagnose problems directly on the computer when our offices are in different locations.

It's intersting to see what you'll have in place.

P.S. I like the blog. Nice to get this "inside" glimpse.


Joe - We are using WebEx - a web based package - to take remote control of certain computers which have problems that we cannot figure out without 'sitting' in front of them

Derek Devernoe @ WAFS

WebX works fairly well for your situation, but like all other things there can be issues with it. I *have* seen vendors include VNC with thier setup for this same purpose but of course has its qwirks as well, and security issues. Internally we use Dameware Utilities which includes a mini remote control service we load on the PCs. But in your case you don't have ownership of the machines so you cannot do that, and instead will have to go to the expensive WebX/Go2MyPc sc3enario.

Good luck with that!


Derek - The WebEx Meeting we are using is only $30 a month or so for unlimited usage. We only can have one session running at a time, but that is plenty for our needs

Derek Devernoe @ WAFS

Wow, the cost has come down quite a bit since I priced it out, like 5 years ago :)

But of course we were looking for a 10+ user license then...

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