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February 22, 2007



A couple of things:

1. If users double-click on a .dwg in Explorer to load an AutoCAD drawing, that drawing will be loaded under the profile that was last used. So, if you went into SMaRT to check it out and then double-clicked on the .dwg in Explorer expecting to be loaded into regular HydraCAD - surprise!

Use the shortcuts, that's what they're there for. You may need to create a HydraCAD profile in AutoCAD and make the shortcut point to that to load regular HydraCAD.

There is a revision (Rev1) to the HydraCAD updates (not to the SMaRT part) to notify you if this happens.

2. If you only update the HydraCAD part, you may need to rebuild the menus in SMaRT once you get in there - use RBM at the command prompt to do this.


Art, download SMARTools last week and played with it this weekend, looks like Hydratec has hit a homerun with SMARTools. As CAD was meant to be, changes to drops, hangers, and riser nipples are made simple now. Tutorial was good and learning curve was made simple by simply updating existing commands. Had a just a couple questions for Mike and sent him a couple things.

Now for the wish list, I need to put defLines on mechanical engineers drawings, because I have yet to see another trade in our area perform coordination drawings per specs yet. I always seem to provide everyone with a cross section or two of the dreaded hallways.

PS: Big improvements on the CPVC listing - it suprised me some of the fittings it picks now.

Thought I posted this once already, so blame it on Y3K if it shows up twice.

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