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April 25, 2008



From our good friend Robert at Elite:

Art, I have had pretty good luck with the Aidecad PDF to DXF converter.

The files are a little large, and also depends on the quality of your PDF original.

But if the only alternative is drawing the background, it is a great tool.

I can send you a sample of a building section I converted if you like. It is about 12.1 meg in size.

They have a pretty long full use trial, which we have not depleted yet. After that, I believe this one costs the $180 you mentioned.

Seems to be a pretty good product though. We will probably buy when our trial expires.


From another longtime customer, Jeff at Detroit Automatic:

I generally use the "Save as TIFF" format in Abobe Acrobat (6.0, haven't upgraded yet to 8.0),
open that .TIFF file in "Paint" and save as a monochrome .BMP and drag that into Autocad
for my sections, plot plans, etc. It comes in "clean and transparent."
Scale to true size and trace the important stuff, or use as-is.

I have pdf2cad but it blows up under a complicated drawing. Works slick when it works, but it's all on one layer.....

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